How To Get Free Mythics In Anime Crossover Defense

How To Get Free Mythics In Anime Crossover Defense

In Anime Crossover Defense, Mythics are the rarest and strongest items in the game. They give players a big advantage and lots of strategic choices. Mythic units only show up 0.4% of the time in a random summon, so they’re hard to get. But you can still find ways to get these special Mythic units without paying for them. Below, we’ll show you how.

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Anime Crossover Defense – How To Get Free Mythics

The first free Mythic you can get is received when you reach level 10. While getting a free one is cool, keep in mind that this one will be random. Either way, it’s a nice way to get a main party member, and you’re going to get another Mythic character once you reach level 20. These two will be the first two that you will get for three, but the third one should be met through persistence.

The third free Mythic you’ll get by reaching level 10 of your battle pass. You won’t be able to do this with regular experience, so you’ll have to do this one separately. We recommend starting with the two mentioned above and then going to this one. You’ll need a high level to get your battle pass experience, so it’s smarter this way.

While reaching level 10 of your regular level is done through experience, reaching level 10 of the battle pass is different. To reach Level 10, you need to finish certain Battle Pass tasks. These tasks are a fun challenge, and finishing them is how you progress your battle pass for cool new stuff and rewards in the game. Focus on doing the easy missions in the monthly tab. These monthly tabs reward super high amounts of battle pass experience.

By doing the easy missions like placing 1,000 units and finishing 30 stages, you can move forward in the game and have a better chance of getting really good Mythic units. These normally involve spending a lot of money, so we recommend focusing on getting as much in-game money as possible during the story levels.