Xavi compte il vraiment sur Mikayil Ngor Faye ?

Xavi compte il vraiment sur Mikayil Ngor Faye ?

Young seniors, young young defenders attend the debuts with the team premiere of FC Barcelone. S’il semblait proche de pouvoir le faire il ya quelques semaine, il devrait prendre encore plus son mal en patience.

During the last 20 years and according to the current status of the team, Mikayil Ngor Faye is a déjà miss with many more supporters of FC Barcelone. The defense is the most important thing to do when it comes to the additional developments of the season of the Championnat espagnol D3, with a marqué four buts and 31 matches with the second round of the Primera RFEF. Déjà international sénégalais, il semble déterminé et même prêt à passer un cap dans sa career en club.

Since 2027, the old pensioners of Diambars are still alive in the future in Europe. Mais son reveve est de porter le maillot du FC Barcelona en équipe première. In the meantime, Mikayil Ngor Faye attends the grand impatience of the débuter sous le maillot blaugrana. There are many absences and defense during the match of the Liga against Cádiz, the 13th of April, Xavi is expected to be present and the question of the possibility of fairness for this match.

« Oui (il pourrait débuter). Your first step and preparation for your participation », insurance l’entraîneur catalan. Moreover, it is also necessary to ensure fairness for the environmental environment of the terrain. Car la suite, l’international sénégalais avait suivi sur le banc des remplacants l’intégralité de ce match remporter (0-1) par le Barça. Pire encore, depuis, il ne s’entraîne plus avec l’équipe première et n’est donc plus convoqué depuis four matches. Désormais cinq, parce que Mika Faye n’a pas été retenu dans le groupe pour le déplacement à Almería ce jeudi.

The continuity of Xavi, a mauvaise nouvelle for Mikayil Faye ?

With the absence of many more supporters of Barça, this is due to the incomprehension of the social group, X is noted, and the defense of Ronald Araújo is forfait face to face with the LaLiga lantern. Don’t ask the question: Xavi compte t-il vraiment sur Mikayil Ngor Faye ? Dofficial description of the method. It is important to know what the current situation is, the nature of the Sédhiou is the first choice of the entrepreneur. Let’s take a closer look at the end of the day.

And in effect, with the clarity of the knowledge and conference, Xavi plaide for the return of Eric Garcia, ready for Girona on a daily basis. The plus, the press catalane, the champion of the world 2010 voudrait preserver Iñigo Martínez is his team for the season prochaine. Ainsi, and assistant Pau Cubarsí, Jules Koundé and Andreas Christensen, the place devient beaucoup chère for Mika Faye, and force is the observation of the continuity of the technicians during the 44 years since they are very new for the younger generation.

Xavi is in love with the results of Barça. I take into account the quality of the chacun of these young people, although they are not used, even if they are entraîneurs, they are chouchous, and Mika Faye is not part of the list, but the whole thing is me. Du coup, le Sénégalais, qui se trIn the course of your career, you will always choose your career. How do you choose the rest of the Barça and how to play for the place? Partir en prêt ou via a transfer définitif dans autre club qui luis promet un role majeur ? Seul lazy for decision.