How to turn into Gomez from Fez in Animal Well: Easter Egg, explained

How to turn into Gomez from Fez in Animal Well: Easter Egg, explained

With a game full of puzzles and platforming, why not add a decent chunk of easter eggs to the mix? Here is how to turn into Gomez from Fez in Animal Well.

Animal Well: How to turn into Gomez from Fes

If you wish to turn your cute blobby character you will only have to press Up on the D-Pad four times. However, for it to work, you will need to complete the game first – otherwise, your character will just look up and even fall asleep out of boredom. This is reminiscent of the Fly code in Fez that will allow Gomez to fly at any point during New Game+, and it is a great touch to an already loved game like Animal Well filled with secrets to uncover.

Screenshot: RadioRobot185

Who is Gomez and what is Fez? Explained

Gomez – nowadays referred to as the “apple mode” in Animal Well – is the main protagonist of Fez, a puzzle-platform game – similar to Animal Well – released back in 2012. The “fez” is the actual headdress that Gomez uses and, in Fez – the game – gives him the ability to see the third dimension in an otherwise two-dimensional world. Your journey will see you traverse through the world with the use of the rotation mechanicallowing Gomez to traverse through four different 2D sides of the same reality cube, a similar mechanic to Super Paper Mario.

Fes Game
Image: Polytron Corporation

The game received acclaim and it has received multiple awards for its achievement as an indie game. At the same time, the notoriety of the game’s quality was matched by the controversial figure of Phil Fishthe creator and founder of Polytron, and the less-than-ideal development cycle – which almost ended in bankruptcy several times – that took a toll on Fish, who was already very vocal about certain opinions regarding the industry – with very distasteful comments in social media – and how Fez was handled post-launch. All of this ended up with a Fez sequel being scraped and Fish retiring from the industry amid a confrontation with Microsoft.

Polytron Corporation
Image: Polytron Corporation

In any case, Gomez and Fez are still very much loved by the gaming community and are a great example of separating the artist from the art. If you love easter eggs – and this game has a bunch of them – you can also turn into the fox from Tunic, so be sure to keep experimenting and check out the official Discord server to find out more secrets that the game keeps hidden from us .

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