Blade Runner RPG Expansion Replicant Rebellion Coming to Kickstarter

Blade Runner RPG Expansion Replicant Rebellion Coming to Kickstarter

Free League Publishing has announced a new expansion is coming to their official Blade Runner TTRPG. This licensed game, based on Ridley Scott’s critically acclaimed sci-fi film, will explore a different perspective of its universe with Blade Runner Replicant Rebellion.

The Blade Runner Replicant Rebellion Announcement

According to an official press release, Blade Runner Replicant Rebellion is a supplement that massively expands the scope of the Blade Runner RPG. Overall, this new book remains focused on the main setting of Los Angeles in the year 2037, but with one major twist.

If you know where to look, you’ll find shelter.

The twist is that players aren’t Blade Runners, but Replicants. You can join the Replicant Underground, get into intense cat-and-mouse chases with Blade Runners, and oppose the establishment.

In Blade Runner Replicant Rebellion, players will run their own independent crew. That crew can undertake various operations while maintaining their covers and keeping their records clean. Those operations can include helping fugitive Replicants escape, sabotaging Replicant trade, weeding out moles, or just fighting with warring crews and syndicates.

Naturally, this set-up flips the script on the Blade Runner experience. You aren’t investigators shutting down rogue synthetics; you are the prey striking against unjust institutions. It’s an expansion that asks players how much they will lose for a righteous cause, a question most cyberpunk sci-fi explores in one form or another.

Blade Runner Replicant Rebellion will contain the following resources:

  • An overview of the history and organization of the Replicant Underground, charting its presence throughout the entire Blade Runner setting
  • Guidelines on how to play a Replicant Underground campaign. This includes several new player character archetypes and various new rules like maintaining a cover and sweating Heat as the law closes in.
  • Several complete prewritten Operations set within the Replicant Underground

Blade Runner Replicant Rebellion will be coming to Kickstarter May 28. The campaign will include an Asset Pack. GMs can use this pack to create their own Case Files and Operations.