How to get and use the Disc in Animal Well

How to get and use the Disc in Animal Well

The disk in Animal Well is one of the first tools you will pick up that’s going to straight up give you a hard time. However, the disk and it’s various uses are essential to progression in Animal Well.

Where to find the disk

As you progress through the game I have no doubt you will find the disk on your travels. The first time I found it, sitting in front of the giant ghost cat, I lost a good few runs repeatedly trying to grab it and outrun the ghost. This is not the way to do it at all.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Before you take the disk from in front of the huge ghost cat, you will need to grab a mock disk. Using this mock disk, you can pull the old Indiana Jones switcharoo and avoid being chased. We have a full guide on the route you need to take to find the mock disk here. Once you have the real disk in your possession, it’s time to get throwing.

How to use the disk in Animal Well

The first use of the disk in Animal Well is to hit switches that may be either too far to reach or hidden inside small gaps. By aiming well, you can throw the disk through little gaps and press buttons and flip switches, provided they’re currently switched towards you.

This goes beyond just the occasional switch flip. At one point in the game, you will be able to bounce the disk between two switches in Animal Well, repeatedly turning on and off platforms. With incredible timing and skill, you will be able to climb them. You’ll know it when you find it.

Also, at one point, while falling down a pit, you will have to precisely time a throw through a small gap to hit a life-saving button. You’re going to get good with that disk in Animal Well.

Disk surfing

Now this is where the elite disk use comes in for Animal Well pros. You may have noticed that if you time it right, you can jump on a flying disk to ride it across gaps. This will give you the Back And Forth Forever achievement. However, it goes beyond this.

Disk Flying In Animal Well
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Jumping on a flying disk as it bounces between places is essential to progression in Animal Well. However, like flying with the bubble wand, there is a second layer to disk flight. It is being called Disk Surfing.

With the correct timing, it is possible to jump onto the disk as soon as you throw it. This allows you to reach very difficult areas, such as one of the secret bunnies. To disk surf, follow these steps.

  • Run forward with the disk equipped
  • Jump
  • At the very height of the jump, throw the disk. This should land you on it, allowing you to surf the disk in the direction you were facing in Animal Well.
  • Keep practicing, and you can jump from one direction to the next, gradually climbing and avoiding things like spike floors.

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