The trailer introduces Lorelei and Laser Eyes

The trailer introduces Lorelei and Laser Eyes

Lorelei and her laser eyes

Annapurna and Simogo released the teaser trailer for Lorelei and her laser eyes. The game, a mysterious puzzle experience, just arrived on Switch.

You can learn more about it in the following overview:

A woman, summoned by an eccentric man to participate in a project in an old hotel somewhere in Central Europe, is drawn into a game of illusion, increasingly dangerous and surreal.

Now you are invited to fall down the same rabbit hole, in a non-linear mystery with countless hand-crafted puzzles, constantly presenting you with new puzzles to solve, each leading you closer with solving the mystery of Lorelei and Laser Eyes.

We’ve included the new Lorelei and Laser Eyes launch trailer below.

Launch trailer

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes are now available for purchase on the Switch eShop.