FFXIV players are partying with Big Sippin, Mountain Dew’s neon green OC

FFXIV players are partying with Big Sippin, Mountain Dew’s neon green OC

Capitalism has invaded Eorzea once again! A bright green individual by the name of Big Sippin — created by the marketing overlords at Mountain Dew — has captured the hearts and minds of Warriors of Light everywhere.

A new FFXIV x Mountain Dew collaboration was announced during the most recent Letter from the Producer Live episode (alongside new Job actions for the Dawntrail expansion), and players can earn a free mount and other rewards by redeeming codes found underneath the caps of Mountain Dew bottles.

However, the soda company has taken things even further with Big Sippin, who will be giving out prizes and going through each Final Fantasy XIV expansion in the weeks leading up to Dawntrail’s launch. Big Sippin resides on the Hyperion server of the Primal Data Centerand he even has a house in the Goblet (Ward 21, Plot 9). A ton of Mountain Dew gamers have been camped outside of his house since the promotion was announced, and it’ll likely remain a hot meeting spot until Dawntrail arrives.

How to Find Big Sippin in Final Fantasy XIV

If you want to meet Big Sippin for yourself and maybe earn some Mountain Dew rewards along the way, then he’ll be active every Friday at 1 PM on the Hyperion server. Head to his house when the time comes and you’ll find a crowd of people awaiting his arrival.

To reach the Big Sippin estate, head to Ul’dah and then right-click on the main Aetheryte crystal. Then, select “Residential District Aethernet.” Click “Go to specified ward” and then choose 21. Finally, click Select to teleport to Ward 21. Big Sippin lives at Plot 9, so use your map to make your way to his house. Honestly, you can just follow the crowd if you get lost.

Remember that Big Sippin lives on the Hyperion server, so you may need to server hop to see him. To do so, visit the Aetheryte plaza of any major city, right-click the crystal, and then select “Visit Another World Server.” Choose the Primal Data Center and find Hyperion on the list. Once you’re on the Hyperion server, you can start your search for Big Sippin.

Big Sippin will likely be the talk of the town for the next few weeks as Final Fantasy XIV players eagerly await the Dawntrail expansion (plus the new graphics update), which is slated to launch on July 2 with early access available for pre-orders beginning on June 28. Make sure you go and see him while you still can, and maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to run some content with him.

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