Dave the Diver x Godzilla DLC has been confirmed for Switch, launching in May

Dave the Diver x Godzilla DLC has been confirmed for Switch, launching in May

February 21: Godzilla DLC for Diver Dave will be released on Switch, it has been confirmed.

The DLC was first announced last month. However, there was little information at the time, including which platforms it would run on. However, with the new trailer, we can officially say that the Switch will be joining in on the fun.

The Dave the Diver x Godzilla DLC launches in May. Stay tuned for a specific release date.

May 16: We now have a confirmed release date of May 23, but remember that it will only be available until November 23. Additionally, new details are available below.

Monstrous giants lurk in the unfathomable depths of the Blue Hole, their terrifying presence striking terror into the hearts of any who dare venture into their domain. They interfere with Dave’s quiet fishing activities but accidentally become the main ingredient for his sushi restaurant. Their giant shape brings an unexpected and exciting twist to culinary creations.

Godzilla, the mighty king of monsters whose legendary reign celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, now arrives to make his historic appearance deep within the Blue Hole. Prepare to encounter the awe-inspiring Godzilla, arriving on May 23.

G-Force, the military organization in the Godzilla franchise

G-Force, an international joint military organization established by the United Nations and the JSDF, is tasked with the ultimate mission of protecting humanity and maintaining global peace. They follow Godzilla’s trail, which leads them to the elusive depths of the Blue Hole.

“Godzilla is injured. We traced its brain waves and they led us here…”

Kaiju discovered in the abyss

While diving in the dark depths of the Blue Hole in search of fish, Dave is confronted by Godzilla, who is injured and recovering from his injuries. Wariness engulfs the mighty titan as he senses Dave’s approach, but it seems he just needs help from an unexpected ally.

Beware of Kaiju’s relentless pursuit

Embark on an exciting adventure in Godzilla downloadable content, where you’ll engage in a heart-stopping pursuit with Ebirah, the iconic deep-sea Kaiju from the 1966 live-action film Ebirah, Horror of the Deep. Plunge to the ocean floor to evade Ebirah’s attacks as the creature relentlessly pursues the submarine carrying Dave and Miki.

Epic battle with Ebirah

Harpoons proved ineffective against the Kaiju’s impenetrable shell. In a bold move, Dave ditches his usual gear for a more aggressive approach. Board the G-Force submarine to confront Ebirah head-on. Although he lacks experience driving submarines, Dave needs to concentrate to penetrate the Ebirah’s shell.

Whose side is Godzilla on…?

Godzilla is famous for his city-destroying rampages, but beneath his terrifying exterior lies his true nature, protecting the planet against impending threats. When another evil Kaiju appears, Godzilla’s allegiance may suddenly agree with yours.

Beneath the peaceful surface of Dave the Diver’s world lie countless dangers lurking in the depths.

Amid Godzilla’s looming presence, brace yourself and venture into the increasingly treacherous depths of the Blue Hole.