Deltarune Development Update Chapter 4

Deltarune Development Update Chapter 4

In the latest news sent to fans, Deltarune creator Toby Fox shared an update on Chapter 4’s development, but was quick to warn that we won’t be hearing a release date anytime soon.

Fox said that many people have been brought into the team. As for Chapter 4, it is “progressing better than ever” and “on track to meet our internal deadlines.”

For those concerned about a release date, Fox seems uncomfortable setting any deadlines. “Even if Chapter 4 is completed smoothly, there may still be unexpected elements so we are not at the point where we can make firm promises,” he explained.

Here’s the full update on Deltarune’s development, Chapter 4 release date, etc.:

Good news… Thanks to the increased management power provided by my new producer, we were able to hire a few more people to the team! Everyone has only been on the team for a little over a month and a half but it’s already making a real difference. The producer MO is “for the sake of the fans, let’s get this done before we get old and wrinkly”… I agree! (immediately stops wrinkling)

Other news…

The development of chapter 4 is going better than ever. We are on track to meet our internal deadlines. The new recruits have made a huge difference to improving the atmosphere and feel of the chapter. I feel really good about this, champ.

Here is the current progress:

  • Cutscenes: Only a few scenes left (some difficult)! Additionally, polishing is required.
  • Battle: All attacks are technically done, but still trying to improve the flow of bosses.
  • Overworld: Still need to create about 10 maps! And polish some other things.
  • Gimmick: An elaborate gimmick that has been done in almost every iteration. Then there’s whatever needs to be in those 10 maps and one more thing. (A gimmick similar to the tea trip in Chapter 2.)

Once all of that is done, everything needs to be leveled with the reformer roller and tempo. (This takes an unknown amount of time.)

I hope that the next time I update you, the first pass of the entire Chapter 4 will be crushed at least in half by the steamroller! And at least some of the group will be moving on to Chapter 5!

Another news is…

Even though the game is progressing a lot, we can’t discuss a release date yet. Even if Chapter 4 is completed smoothly, there may still be elements of surprise, so we are not yet at the point where we can make firm promises. With that said, we will let you know as soon as we can! I can’t wait for you to see more of the moments and characters I’ve had in my head for the past 8 years…

In other words, release is still quite far away… but also a very real thing that is weighing on us more and more with each passing month.

It sounds like Deltarune is still a long way off, but you can actually give the game a try. The first two chapters can now be downloaded for free on the Switch eShop.