All Bronze vendor locations in World of Warcraft Remix (WoW): Mists of Pandaria

All Bronze vendor locations in World of Warcraft Remix (WoW): Mists of Pandaria

Throughout your timerunning adventure in World of Warcraft Remix, you’ll collect heaps of Bronze from all activities across Pandaria. This guide covers where to find vendors to spend your treasure trove of Bronze on incredible new and returning cosmetics, including fan favorites such as the Tusks of Mannoroth.

Where to spend Bronze in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria (Infinite Bazaar Locations)

Image: Blizzard, PC Invasion

In WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, Bronze is spent exclusively in Infinite Bazaars. These are marked on your map with an hourglass and house icon. All Infinite Bazaars sell the exact same items, and there’s one in (almost) every zoneso you can head to whichever happens to be closest.

Vendors in Infinite Bazaars mostly sell account-wide cosmetics, Toys and Mountsthough you can too upgrade your gear and buy Gems and replacement starter weapons. All classes can learn any transmog item, though the usual rules apply for actually using them.

Infinite Bazaar (Bronze Vendor) TomTom coordinates

If you use the TomTom AddOn — and I highly suggest you do to make your WoW experience a thousand times easier — use the following commands to find the exact coordinates of every Infinite Bazaar:

  • /way #371 42.88 27.36 The Jade Forest Infinite Bazaar
  • /way #379 69.53 52.85 Kun-Lai Summit Bazaar
  • /way #388 37.84 63.34 Townlong Steppes Infinite Bazaar
  • /way #422 41.82 18.12 Dread Wastes Infinite Bazaar
  • /way #376 52.81 51.52 Valley of the Four Winds Infinite Bazaar
  • /way #390 58.91 14.74 Valley of Eternal Blossoms Infinite Bazaar (Horde only)
  • /way #390 87.93 60.36 Valley of Eternal Blossoms Infinite Bazaar (Alliance only)

All Bronze Vendors in World of Warcraft Remix: MoP

Almost all items and services in MoP Remix are bought exclusively with Bronzewith the exception of Garrosh Heirlooms and Tusks of Mannoroth, which also require Bones of Mannoroth to purchase, and some miscellaneous items from Nostwin.

To save you some time talking to each Infinite Dragonflight NPC, here’s every Bronze Vendor in WoW Remix and what they sell. For a complete list of everything purchasable with Bronze, including prices, check out our guide on all vendor items and WoW Remix achievements.

Bronze Vendor Goods/Services
Horos Toys
Arturos MoP Dungeon Transmog sets + Daily Dungeon Quest
Hemet Nesingwary XVII Mounts
Lara Treebender New recolored and world drop Transmog sets + Transmogrifier
Aeonicus MoP LFR Raid Transmog sets
Durus MoP Normal Raid Transmog sets
Pythagorus MoP Heroic and Mythic Transmog sets + Garrosh Heirlooms + Tusks of Mannoroth
Grandmaster Jakkus Recolored Trading Post Class transmog sets (Requires achievements)
Lidamorrutu Gems + Prismatic Socket Trinkets + Prismatic Socket Rings
Momentus Gear upgrades
Nostwin Consumables + Glyph of Stars + Pet Training Manual

Just about every activity in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria awards Bronze, from looting mobs to raiding and even destroying items, so go wild out there! Alongside Bronze, you’ll also be earning Threads used to upgrade your Cloak of Infinite Potential, which has a very fitting name.

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