The apartment of Milica Milša and Žarko Jokanović is like something from a fairy tale

The apartment of Milica Milša and Žarko Jokanović is like something from a fairy tale

Apartment of Milica Milša and Žarko Jokanović is like from a fairy tale

Milica Milša and Žarko Jokanović, they bought an apartment in an elite part of Belgrade and moved into it in 2022. They enjoy the carefully arranged space, and in addition to the terrace and balcony, which we have seen several times, Milica once published the view of the living room, which is breathtaking. Apartment of Milica Milša and Žarko Jokanović it is decorated exactly as they have always imagined their home.

The actress showed a small part of their new paradise through the social network Instagram, which certainly provoked numerous reactions from everyone who follows her. Milica Milša enjoyed her paradise, relaxing in an armchair that was just for that purpose, covered with a luxurious yellow blanket in a very pleasant environment that exudes warmth and harmony.

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In the living room of Milica Milša and Žarko Jokanović, cream and brown shades prevail, which give their home an even bigger warmth. Salon furniture varies between light cream and gray to chocolate color, and there is also perfect lighting that gives everything a special charm. The pictures on the wall are framed in luxurious frames of similar colors, while the shade of the laminate is combined with the golden vase and with some other small details.

If we look closely, we can see that the kitchen is looming, the most important room of every lady, including our wonderful actresses. In this room, the predominant color is white, which exudes cheerfulness and gives the space a lot of light.

Milica Milša and Žarko Jokanović’s apartment is an oasis for enjoyment

It is assumed that exactly from living room can go out to a spacious terrace, which has chairs and comfortable deckchairs. Every corner is filled with plants, and colorful lights are certainly an interesting detail. As it is located on the top floor of the building, the view “bursts” in all directions.

It was written that Milica became the richest Serbian actress after filming the series “The Game of Fate”, whose screenwriter was her husband, and it is not surprising that after that they secured one of the most beautiful apartments in Belgrade.