Idrissa Gueye, 34 years et toujours incontournable

Idrissa Gueye, 34 years et toujours incontournable

Déjà élu homme du match against Nottingham Forest, Idrissa Gueye a démontré ce mercredi against Liverpool (2-0) qu’il encore demeurer une pièce maîtresse pour se équipes, notamment Everton. The experimental environment of the terrain with all the chances available during the battles cartes dans l’entrejeu des Lions.

It is not just a matter of time that the champ is also used by Sean Dyche during this time, but the environment of the terrain that participates in the additional matches of Everton. But it is still important to know how important the technical equipment is during the 52 years. Après une Coupe d’Afrique the frustrante of the Nations in the Côte d’Ivoire, our status is based on a simple secondary role – based on titularization and four matches -, Idrissa Gana Gueye is a retroactive ensemble with a view to the income of the CAN .

Gana n’abdique pas

Recuperation and recovery against Nottingham Forest during the week-end (2-0), the environment of the terrain as a result of the performance of the class in Liverpool’s Mercredi (2-0). Pourtant, according to the image of the club at the end, the season before the end of the repos pour l’anew year of Aston Villa and Paris Saint-Germain. Gana, titular lors of the sept premieres journées the Premier League, n’avait pas été exceptionnel. Miné due to injuries, comme lors d’un chauffement contre Bournemouth, il même parfois été décevant.

In spite of the vagueness, Idrissa Gueye has been frustrated with her frustration and with her physical injuries, and the battalion for her return to Everton. Certes, the manque for the real competition after the environmental recovery of the Toffees, the presence of Amadou Onana, André Gomes ou encore James Garner, is an avantage for lazy. Since there are great performances, the champion of Africa 2022 has been a success with the opportunity of enchaîner 20 titles and 21 matches in the Premier League.

« This is the first time the revenue comes from Everton »

But how about a change in Gana, how about an update on the date? A priori, the success of the current form of Diambar’s residence, adjustment, and the success of the matches before the final destination of the entrepreneur. Depuis quelques matches, et notWith regard to Nottingham Forest and Liverpool, it is your pleasure to exercise the premier pressing of the Toffees. The basic activity of your youth, your role and avant-garde, is only a matter of time before recovery.

« You are in a position to communicate with your clubwatch Wayne Rooney on Sky Sports after the victory of the Toffees against Liverpool. If you have earnings at Everton, you are likely to be surprised by your capacity and the next point is yours. Ce qui m’a surpris, c’The last few passes are the last notes. It is part of PSG and it is always sorted. Nous commençons à voir le joueur et l’impact qu’il peut avoir. The result of your experiments and Everton’s aura is the result of your long-term success ».

The quoi retrouver one place the titular chez les Lions ?

The return and form, or the confirmation of Idrissa Gana Gueye is an excellent novelty for Everton. Prelude to the results of the success of the main event in the Premier League, according to the perspective of the danger of the success of the competition since thenines, note à cause d’une deduction de huit points au classement. This is an excellent retroactive level in the central environmental role of the company, with the result of the statutory status of the National Equipe, especially since 34 years.

The animations, offensives and defenses, and the ambitions of the team of Aliou Cissé and Everton are the subject of clear differences, of the diametrical opposition, of the selection process during the week-end and of the “vaches sacrées” it’s all there is to itcapable of enchaîner the efforts and the realization of the best performances chez les Lions. In spite of the strong competition and the enthusiasm of the young flambeau, Idrissa Gueye semble encore avoir son mot à dire en Equipe Nationale. Since the end of the year, the club has a decisive influence, and will soon arrive and end its contract with Everton in the near future.