A journalist from Wiwsport attaqué à la fin du match AS Pikine vs Jaraaf

A journalist from Wiwsport attaqué à la fin du match AS Pikine vs Jaraaf

A journalist of Wiwsport is aggressive during the final match of the Ligue 1 between AS Pikine and Jaraaf. You are aware of the fact that you are more than welcome to the certain supporters of our champions.

La violence refait surface dans notre championnat local. If you look at the clubs, you are the target of the victims and you are not a footballer, you are not the only one who knows how to be a journalist.

Visit Alassane Djigo to watch the match of the 21st day between the AS Pikine and Jaraaf, and the reporters are a part of certain supporters of the AS Pikine at the end of the match (victory of Jaraaf 0-1 ).
While the film is a scene of the defense of Jaraaf Fallou, the fall is brutalized by the supporters of the pikino, the journalist is also interpellated by the audience of a small group of the supporters of the AS Pikine and is the main focus of the lesson son telephone videos. Ce qu’il refusa en leur répondant qu’il faisait son travail.
They are very happy to be able to listen to the phone while they are on the phone, but only after the intervention of the police officers, so that the supporters can be calmed down by the demand for a journalist to support the video. You are also welcome by the reporter and you pass by a sales quart d’heure before the intervention of the forces de l’ordre.
The responsibility of the clubs and the League of Football Professionals (LSFP) is a matter of being interpellated for the fair security of the stadiums or the follow-up results of the theater of violence.